Thursday, July 29, 2010

meanwhile in the pumpkin patch...

i know you were wondering where i have been and now you see i have been in a pumpkin making mode.  in june, i was asked if i would make 100 wedding invitations for a rsvp date of july 31, make cards for 20 staff members who were leaving to take positions elsewhere, decorate a graduation themed bulletin board and cake table, i said yes.  i then wanted to make cards for some of the graduates (posted earlier), card purses for my team, personal cards for i was busy and no pictures to post!!!

today i have a picture and it is the table favors for the wedding, here are 60 and i am making another 60.  very tedious but the results are what the bride, groom and future mother in law agreed on.  they are in three sizes and have different types of green brads, fall coloured leaves (using the stretch your imagination cart) and then brass wire twisted around brad to resemble vine.