Friday, December 25, 2009

look at that face!

it was Christmas morning and all through the house, all the creatures were stirring...but not scamp!

Monday, December 14, 2009

christmas cards yet to write and post!

i often feel my handmade cards express how i feel about someone and the occasion but people still expect something to be written inside their card, go figure!  so i still have to write a sentiment inside and post...but my obsessive nature stops me as a have to match the perfect card and sentiment to each person on my list, not an easy task. perhaps next year i will buy boxed cards with a generic sentiment and just sign, my name!  these are only 2 pictures, i will have more but now i have to write and post to mailbox

tiffany is going green

created for a dear friend who shares a passion for wandering through tiffany's and marveling at the fire and ice display of diamonds and then picking what we can afford...the free catalogue. i chose a page from the catalogue to cut snowflakes using the expression. i then chose the page of my friend's favourite charms and freehand cut a border. i still have lots of pages left to create monogrammed cards, birthday cards even a few ornaments!  better get back to the studio!

by special request...a card with a monkey, girlie stuff and for what occasion? Christmas!!!

a co worker approached me and requested a card with a monkey, baking things and girlie girl objects.  i asked for what occasion expecting birthday, just because, or anniversary however he responded Christmas!!! and then said he would get back to me with more details.  amazingly as soon as the words were out of his mouth, i had  a design in my head and went home and played with design studio and did a mock up of a monkey hanging from a Christmas tree trying to grab a cake from its stand! wow! i impressed myself!
next day my co worker came back and said forget about the baking aspect, that is what HE liked about his fiance, she really just liked girlie things shoes, purses, his words...again i knew how i would change my original design, i would have the monkey climbing down from the tree carrying away girlie stuff.  i checked my stash for the few girlie items i had and pulled this together!