Saturday, November 20, 2010

my absense, my thanks to audrey frelx of cute and some

my last post was  the Queen of Patience award presented to Audrey Frelx of Cute and Some, she deserves this award again for remaining a loyal and patient follower of my blog.  Audrey continues to visit and leave beautiful words of friendship despite my long absense from the blogging world.  many times in my absense, i have thought of deleting my blog because of my lack of posts.  however Audrey always seemed to visit when i was at that point and i would remember how encouraging my blog followers (or as i like to refer to them as, my artful spirits) had always been.

i also remember why i started this blog...i wanted to have a place where i can upload photos of the cards and crafts that i create, so i have a record of what i have tried, what worked and what did not. papercrafting is a passion and my studio is my zen space for me to go to and let my "artful spirit" express itself.  my blog was never meant to be a daily blog or a blog of my personal life.  right now my real world is taking up a lot of time and energy and my zen space is getting more difficult to get to and i have no time to even visit the beautiful blogs i enjoy following.  

the photos i have posted, are the pumpkin table favors i made in the summer that were used at a fall wedding.  the newlyweds' photographer sent me the photos so i could see the final tablescape and enjoy how the pumpkins looked with the other table decor.  with my american friends celebrating thanksgiving soon, i thought i would share this photo, even though most of us papercrafters are thinking christmas.  i want to leave this post with my sincerest wishes for a season of thanksgiving and a heart of peace and generosity to all.  give a gift of yourself even if it is just a kind word or a smile, you never know how far that simple act will take another person.