Sunday, February 28, 2010

lw (liquidation world) fabulous find

i ventured into a store called lw and realized right away it was liquidation world, so hoping to find a treasure, i went up and down each aisle looking carefully for something but not knowing what i was in search of...until i saw the familiar pale colours of martha stewart packaging! there, in the party supplies, admist the balloons and children's party invitations, i discovered a glitter birds card kit which included five bottles of glitter, eight note cards and eight birds with adhesive sectioning that you peel off to expose the adhesive then shake glitter onto the surface of the bird.  after glittering my hands, face, hair, my clothes, the floor of my studio and my faithful scamp! i have created these cards with the exception of a few papers everything was from scraps and old stash...oops i guess i failed when i bought the card kit!  my greater discovery!!! it is very challenging to photograph glittered objects, any hints?

cute and some has given me an award!

audrey frelx at cute and some has given me an award! 
she is a very energetic and giving person, you must check her blog,  several of her creations have been featured on Craft Crave at
The rules are to give thanks to and link to the person who sent you this award; list 7 things about yourself; and pass it on to 15 bloggers/followers.
7 things about myself

1  love to laugh and have a good cry
2  love old black and white movies including the "b" movies
3  can not cook 
4  want to get better at using my digital camera
5  like quiet, alone time
6  treasure the times with my son
7 eager to learn something new each day  

passing it on to 15 beautiful blogger/followers who inspire me, who challenge me, who provide technical knowledge, who surprise me with their comments and awards, who...well the list goes on and on!!! 

in no particular order...
christine of four bears who has no blog but is a wonderful friend and follower!
marilyn who has no blog but is a wonderful friend and lurker!
drew who has no idea what a blog does but is a wonderful lawful spouse and encourages my creativity!
scamp who hears the word blog! blog! blog! and still sits amid the glitter!
jessica who doesn't want to know what a blog is but is a artful soul!
there are so many i would like to include for all the above reasons so... as audrey suggested if you'd like to have it, you can grab it and pass the love around!

Monday, February 22, 2010

my nominees for the Sunshine Award

on my dashboard

while checking my dashboard for recent posts of the blogs i follow, i saw that Flowerdisco's Scraphut had created a gorgeous purple flower from tissue paper and i wanted to learn about  the details.  after reading the deceptively simple instructions, i continued to view older posts as i had not looked for a few days. i then discovered that Flowerdisco had received a Sunshine Award and i was about to post a comment to her blog congratulating her for the deserved award when i saw that...she had awarded me a Sunshine Award for following her blog!!!

i am honoured and thankful, Flowerdisco is a genuine person and i am inspired by her work and encouraged by her comments to my blog!  i love the series of cards she is creating from each of the cards from the wild card cartridge.  while at the same time, posting projects created from other cartridges or utilizing various other papercrafting techniques...oh and don't let me forget to mention about the posts regarding  the continuing saga of Lulu, her fur baby!!!  that is how we made our first connection, Flowerdisco wanted to adopt my fur baby, Scamp!!!

thanks to Flowerdisco who true to her generous nature, thoughtfully awarded me this Sunshine Award.
now, the rules for the award are as follows:
-- i must pass this on to 6 of my followers asking them to put the logo on their blog or within a post.
--link the nominees within my post.
--let my followers know that i am giving them this award by commenting on their blog
--share the love and link to the person from whom i received this award.

i will be back with my six after i have commented to their blogs.

Monday, February 15, 2010

valentine cards for the sweetest of people!

for my son i used the wild card cartridge and the triangle card cut,  made the popular "sour cream" container with some hershey's kisses inside.  i also made these for my friends at school where the presentation was a huge hit "too nice to even open".
for my son's girlfriend i used the heart card cut from wild cards. i filled an acetate pillow box with cinnamon hearts.

and for my lawful spouse, i used the monster card cut and filled the "wagon" with hugs and kisses!

secret friend gift

i got this hot idea from greenbean on the cricut message board. this cupcake received huge interest, for many reasons. i think as an inexpensive gift idea it is quick and simple to construct, the presentation offers a huge impact and the number of occasions that this project could be used makes it a keeper in my files, just have to stock up on socks!  i gave one to my secret friend at work and to each of the students in my class.
the quick reception to this idea of greenbean's maybe the reason she is creating a blog, her blog name will be greenbean's crafterole - "a bunch of crafty stuff baked up into one tasty blog".  i'll be following that blog so as not to miss her creative crafting recipes, these cupcakes are the only baking i am interested in doing!

Friday, February 12, 2010


Scrapbook & Cards Today is deeply saddened by the losses suffered by the people in Haiti and we would like to help. From today, January 15th until February 12th the proceeds from EVERY new subscription sold will be sent directly to the Canadian Red Cross to support their aid efforts in Haiti. We have also learned that the Canadian Government will match our donation - dollar for dollar. If you have ever thought about subscribing, then this would be a really great time as every dollar will be sent where it is needed most. To subscribe just click here.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

sir stampalot challenge

The challenge theme is:
the project can be a card, box, scrapbook l/o, whatever you choose and the theme is open to interpretation, moving home, kinetic card, vehicle or as simple as a dangling charm as long as it represents movement.

my entry is a wagon that is moving my stamps and stamp pad but istill have another idea that i may create given time...

oh christmas tree

this card was pulled together from scraps (yeah!), a recycled card image (yeah!) and light bulb stickers from old stash (yeah!) so it met all the goals i had for completing this challenge !  i only wish i had more time but this is a busy week...but creating a card a week throughout the year will help during those insanely busy weeks at Christmas!