Monday, February 15, 2010

secret friend gift

i got this hot idea from greenbean on the cricut message board. this cupcake received huge interest, for many reasons. i think as an inexpensive gift idea it is quick and simple to construct, the presentation offers a huge impact and the number of occasions that this project could be used makes it a keeper in my files, just have to stock up on socks!  i gave one to my secret friend at work and to each of the students in my class.
the quick reception to this idea of greenbean's maybe the reason she is creating a blog, her blog name will be greenbean's crafterole - "a bunch of crafty stuff baked up into one tasty blog".  i'll be following that blog so as not to miss her creative crafting recipes, these cupcakes are the only baking i am interested in doing!


  1. Do you know I saw the post but never looked at it? What a great idea! I will bookmark her blog too. TFS!