Monday, May 31, 2010


i love this colour combo!!! lol! this is again cardstock from the mother's day gift from my teacher.  cardmaking is simplified when you have such beautiful patterns that require little more than an embellishment.  here i have added a chipboard accent "dream" and layered ribbons from a thrift store and michaels.  the button was a gift from another teacher at school!  everyone knows i have very limited monies so they share!  i have finally started to decorate the inside of the cards with bits of leftover cardstock that may not make it as a usable scrap for another project but it just finishes this card along with a rub-on sentiment, beautifully.  this card is for a teacher that just got engaged and she keeps the cards i give her and displays them on her mantle!!!  i need to make her another card as she is leaving for another school.  it's that time of year!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

hummingbird tri fold shutter card

my first attempt at a tri fold shutter using the picture tutorial at split coast stampers.  i think a video tutorial would be easier just to figure out how the folds work.  i mistakenly used a cardstock with a white core so i would definitely be more careful the next time.  but pretty satisfying results!

follow your heart

the patterned paper is from a stack (i think dcwv) that my teacher gave a co worker for mother's day, i received a different stack from the teacher.  each one had three sheets of each pattern so we swapped out a sheet of each to give to each other and included a sheet of coordinating tags!  i used the martha stewart lace punch for the edging... finally learned how to use it properly, now the scallops match up each time!  the pink and green with polka dots is a ribbon that i purchased years ago at costco but it matched perfectly to the colours of the diamond pattern at the top!  this card is for a co worker that is leaving our school to work in a different setting, the sentiment is "follow your heart".

class of 2010

hi! been busy but got new batteries for camera and am posting once again.  here are cards i made using cardstock i received as a gift from my teacher for mother's day.  the cards are for some students  that i have worked directly with and want to give them a congratulatory card as a memento of their graduation!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

passion for crafts is offering blog candy

head on over to passion for crafts and join in on the chance to win her birthday candy.
there is much,much more than shown here so hurry and check it out it ends on may 26.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

you're going places, baby...

it's a blog award!!!   my most prolific blogger friend, audrey of cute and some has presented me with a new award for my blog!!!   audrey is a creative spirit who has the energy and talent to get an idea in her head and translate it to paper along with some ribbons and flowers, she likes to dress it up!  audrey is also the originator of the contributor's showcase idea and has with the help and determination of her fairies nurtured this idea, allowed it time to evolve and starting may 10 there will be a new series of showcases, check it out an information and registration direct link will be available on Sunday, May 9 in her sidebar!!!
thank you so much, audrey!  you are always encouraging and supportive!

audrey has asked that i pass it on to ten of my bloggers, i want to do something different... i would like anyone who reads this blog to ask themselves if they are going places?  whether it be in your creative world, your life plan, your career, your spiritual journey, think about do something about it!!!  take this award and post it to your blog, if you don't have a blog, keep the picture in your mind and the sentiment in your're going places, baby!