Sunday, March 28, 2010

how does the easter bunny take her coffee?

with milk chocolate, of course! lol? no, oh well i made you look!
what once was a coffee sleeve is an easter basket!  for the purpose of recycling, i have used a remnant of ribbon for the bunny's ear.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

salute to flowerdisco and her annoucement as a designer for "my pink stamper"

i'm posting this card that i finally made from the wild card cartridge, flower cut, as my salute to flowerdisco, my blog friend on her announcement as part of the design team for "my pink stamper"!  flowerdisco you inspire me and encourage me...congratulations and thank you!

Easter is here!!!

these were all created using the Easter 2010 cart and embossing the card fronts and envelope flaps with the cuttlebug!  what fun this was...have to get back to laundry!  p.s, for those wondering, i did use my wallpaper sample, i'm sure you will find it...look for the easter grass!

look what i won! at platinum scraps!

i was checking my dashboard early one morning where i discovered a post for Platinum Scraps which read...
"And the winnner is.......


She said...
my first visit, came from message board! loved the butterfly card sketch creations, lots of talent here!"

so i immediately clicked on the latest posting from their blog and WOO! HOO! i did my happy dance and sent off my details and after an angonizing wait as i wanted to use this cart for my Easter cards thursday, i received the amazing castle chipboard album which can be transformed into a sandcastle, medieval castle or heritage castle  but lawful spouse thought it would be fun to leave it on the landing for me to discover...i was sick and not moving about the house until friday when i found it at the same time i discovered the  Easter 2010 cartridge!  so today i have been busy creating Easter cards!

happy spring!!! makes me smile...

my creative friend, christine of four bears who i nominated for a beautiful blogger award made me this beautiful "happy spring" card which included a "tree" (plant material from her garden).  it was designed from papercrafts, march/april 2010 edition cover project.  i love this card because of the dimension and texture and colours and because christine thought of me when she was creating this piece of art that will hang in my studio!  thank you christine!

there is also a st. patrick's day card but it is now in the creative clutter on my desk top after having spent the morning putting together Easter cards!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

sweet blogger award

given to me by audrey frelx

thank you, audrey! i feel so honored that you thought of me for this award.  the Sweet Blogger award is being passed on to just five of the many blogs i follow and i enjoy visiting each one searching for and finding inspiration!  i recommend to my readers, a visit to each of these blogs, view their creations and leave a comment letting them know they are appreciated!  and now, in no particular order...i must pass this on to 5 of my followers, linking them within my post and asking them to put the logo on their blog or within a post.

1.  scrap crazyyyys

now i have to list ten things that make me happy and five trivia things.

things that make me happy:

1. the places i've been
2. the things i have done
3. the memories i have
4. the dreams i've dreamt
5. the regrets are few!!!
6. the sense of satisfying an artistic need when crafting
7. repurposing recyclable treasures
8. sharing laughs
9. feeling alive   
10. enjoying the company of my son

trivia things:

1. i still don't know what i want to be when i grow up
2. i would rather be sailing than fishing
3. i like my grill cheese sandwich on whole grain, cut in triangles served with mustard
4. i love crisp fresh linen
5. i like my tea with milk,  my coffee black and my wine white!

Monday, March 22, 2010

sweet blogger award

thanks to Audrey Frelx of Cute and Some Blog  who in her excitable state, generously awarded me this Sweet Blogger Award.

now, the rules for the award, besides revealing some information about myself,  are as follows:

 i must pass this on to 5 of my followers, linking them within my post and asking them to put the logo on their blog or within a post.

i will be back after picking my followers and letting them know that i am giving them this award, by commenting on their blog

and as i did above i shared the love and linked to the person from whom i received this award Audrey.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

stuff you might have been wondering about...

this is a wallpaper sample that i am planning on using as an easter basket

i was commenting on someone's blog that i love to emboss including envelope flaps, here is an example i hope you can see that i have embossed the background and the envelope with the snowflake folder.  i have recycled many christmas cards however, i want people to know that, so i put a label on the back (it would not photograph that to say i am a poor photographer basically just a picture taker!) that reads:
"studioh green cards recycled and recreated just for you"
you may wonder where my pink and brown striped bunny came from...
the bottom inside flap of a baby gap shopping bag!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

here comes peter beavertail!!!

okay, so it's not traditional but it is using scraps from other projects and i am using one of the little punches i almost never use since the cricut came into my life!!! oh and you may know that paper as it was one of the backgrounds i used with the martha stewart glitter birds!

susie's and vikki's christmas club challenge 9

as Easter is quickly approaching, i am busily preparing Christmas cards, yeah! that's right!   i am back to participating in the challenge at susie and vikki's christmas club challenge.  the theme for this week's challenge is BAUBLES. i am still trying to use my stash of products to create cards and as i always recycle old christmas cards,  i am using these items for my cards today. 

two of the cards are frame cards bought on clearance from michael's years ago.  where normally you would put a photo in the frame, here i have cut down on old card where the colours of the bauble  matched the frame card exactly and then added a star shaped brad purchased many years ago at the dollar store.

the next card again is the frame card where i used the snowflake embossing folder  on a piece of white cardstock from my scraps and inserted it into the frame as a background. i  added a painted wooden snowman and then attached alphabet letters to baubles to spell "joy"

this card is composed of two old christmas cards, the white one has the cut out window which i have pop dotted and layered over a second christmas card, finally adding them to a brown card that i embossed just the top with swiss dots.  i will later add a heat embossed sentiment to the lower right hand corner!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

post it notes, eh!

simple instructions with step by step photos can be found at  andrea walford post it note tutorial .  this is a good way to recycle coasters while using scraps and epoxy stickers from my stash.  may tuck this in with some easter treats!

good luck to all who enter

here is my version of flower disco's scraphut good luck door decor shamrock again i am having trouble with glitter photography but flower disco did give me some hints that i'll have to practice doing or maybe give up glitter for awhile!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

the luck of the irish

this cz necklace was a gift, when i ordered skin products but i do not wear necklaces as it is a safety issue at work so i decided to present this to a beautiful woman who at the age of 70 something, remains active, inspires others to care about people, and is the first one to sign up for a party !  from the day i met her ten years ago, we have always exchanged small gifts for St. Patrick's Day!  she is a jewellery addict, some of us have even hidden catalogs from her so she cannot order anything else, but she is determined!!!  so this year i have decided to feed her addiction and am going to drop by her home with this gift!  i altered the presentation box with a square of polka dotted paper and a glittery shamrock cut from the child's year cart...can't have enough of that bling!

ode to andy warhol

scrap the art has challenge # 3 underway and this is my take on andy warhol's marilyn

Monday, March 8, 2010

dressing up kit cards with embellishments

i was home sick today, headache and feeling a little better after tylenol and ginger ale but i was bored! not enough energy to make anything but had to do something! so i went through my card stash and discovered a few sets of cards (i think they were k&co.) that came with coordinating stickers.  i remember buying them at michael's last summer on clearance for $1.69 for each set, reg $16.99!  put the stickers in the windows but there was something missing! needed embellishments! i used some of my stash as that is my goal, i have had some of these items, mostly from the dollar store, for five years! wow!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

celebrate st. patrick's day

i created these cards yesterday but am adding the details today as my son was ill and needed some attention. i used the card function of the child's year cartridge, then cut it in half for the background paper, which i attached to glossy gold cards that i purchased at the dollar store. i used the icon function for the hat, inked the edges, cut scraps to place behind the hat for the shamrock and for the band of the hat. never one to waste, i removed the shamrocks that were left on the cutting mat and glued them down as a border for the card front that did not have the cutout border.  a simple stamp, a ribbon to add dimension and i'll be adding an inside sentiment!

look what i won! at obsessed with scrapbooking!

i was checking my emails early one morning where i discovered a comment to my blog from flowerdisco who said...
Helen go to HappyHappyJoyJoy's blog... she has something for you (Obsessed with Scrapbooking). :)
so i quickly went to my dashboard to check the latest posting from the blogs i happily follow and to my greatest joy i found this post 
Here are the winners from last week's Scrap Tiffany Blog Hop and Superman Card:

Lovestruck Cartridge:
PAPERSCISSORS is the Winner!!
WOO! HOO! i did my happy dance and sent off my details and much to my joy! i received the cartridge in the mail this week!