Saturday, March 27, 2010

happy spring!!! makes me smile...

my creative friend, christine of four bears who i nominated for a beautiful blogger award made me this beautiful "happy spring" card which included a "tree" (plant material from her garden).  it was designed from papercrafts, march/april 2010 edition cover project.  i love this card because of the dimension and texture and colours and because christine thought of me when she was creating this piece of art that will hang in my studio!  thank you christine!

there is also a st. patrick's day card but it is now in the creative clutter on my desk top after having spent the morning putting together Easter cards!


  1. that is very nice. I made a card and used a real twig too (from the dead tree we have take down)lol. but that is a very pretty card.

  2. What a nice, thoughtful friend! A very nice card!

  3. thank you for showing the card paperscissors. the magazine that i saw this in was papercrafts, march/april 2010 edition.
    thank you also to flowerdisco and audrey frelx for their kind comments.