Saturday, March 13, 2010

the luck of the irish

this cz necklace was a gift, when i ordered skin products but i do not wear necklaces as it is a safety issue at work so i decided to present this to a beautiful woman who at the age of 70 something, remains active, inspires others to care about people, and is the first one to sign up for a party !  from the day i met her ten years ago, we have always exchanged small gifts for St. Patrick's Day!  she is a jewellery addict, some of us have even hidden catalogs from her so she cannot order anything else, but she is determined!!!  so this year i have decided to feed her addiction and am going to drop by her home with this gift!  i altered the presentation box with a square of polka dotted paper and a glittery shamrock cut from the child's year cart...can't have enough of that bling!


  1. This was so kind of you, and I'm sure she appreciated it!!!

  2. The necklace is really pretty. I bet she will love it.