Sunday, March 21, 2010

stuff you might have been wondering about...

this is a wallpaper sample that i am planning on using as an easter basket

i was commenting on someone's blog that i love to emboss including envelope flaps, here is an example i hope you can see that i have embossed the background and the envelope with the snowflake folder.  i have recycled many christmas cards however, i want people to know that, so i put a label on the back (it would not photograph that to say i am a poor photographer basically just a picture taker!) that reads:
"studioh green cards recycled and recreated just for you"
you may wonder where my pink and brown striped bunny came from...
the bottom inside flap of a baby gap shopping bag!


  1. Thanks for ALL the nice comments you left on my blog!!!! Have you received the beautiful blog award?

  2. BTW...I love how you recycle! Cute cards!!!!

  3. Can't wait to see that basket from the wallpaper!!!

    Also, I have left something for you on my blog, please come grab it when you get a chance.

  4. I have saved cards since we lived here 5 years now and I always forget to give them a new life. BTW, I like that wallpaper. I think your basket is going to be gorgeous. Helen, what camera do you have? Play with the settings, and the light. Prop them up, down sideways, whatever works, lol. My fav place to take pics in in my LR. I get all the afternoon light there and nice photos.