Monday, March 8, 2010

dressing up kit cards with embellishments

i was home sick today, headache and feeling a little better after tylenol and ginger ale but i was bored! not enough energy to make anything but had to do something! so i went through my card stash and discovered a few sets of cards (i think they were k&co.) that came with coordinating stickers.  i remember buying them at michael's last summer on clearance for $1.69 for each set, reg $16.99!  put the stickers in the windows but there was something missing! needed embellishments! i used some of my stash as that is my goal, i have had some of these items, mostly from the dollar store, for five years! wow!


  1. All your cards are so pretty!!!

    I'll be back to visit again as soon as I can!

    I'll be seeing you!