Sunday, May 30, 2010

hummingbird tri fold shutter card

my first attempt at a tri fold shutter using the picture tutorial at split coast stampers.  i think a video tutorial would be easier just to figure out how the folds work.  i mistakenly used a cardstock with a white core so i would definitely be more careful the next time.  but pretty satisfying results!


  1. I never made one yet...yours came out really nice. Maybe You Tube has some videos on it and when I use the white core and the white shows I ink it...same color or brown or black. Just a thought if you like inking that is :)

    I love my brother...he is like my son; he was born when I was 15, lol I helped my mom a lot with him. :) Thanks for your comment on us!

  2. I forgot to say I love the does not look like a cut, is it?

  3. It came out great for a first time job! Flowerdisco is right, that is a cute little hummingbird!

    Hope things are going well!!!