Sunday, February 28, 2010

lw (liquidation world) fabulous find

i ventured into a store called lw and realized right away it was liquidation world, so hoping to find a treasure, i went up and down each aisle looking carefully for something but not knowing what i was in search of...until i saw the familiar pale colours of martha stewart packaging! there, in the party supplies, admist the balloons and children's party invitations, i discovered a glitter birds card kit which included five bottles of glitter, eight note cards and eight birds with adhesive sectioning that you peel off to expose the adhesive then shake glitter onto the surface of the bird.  after glittering my hands, face, hair, my clothes, the floor of my studio and my faithful scamp! i have created these cards with the exception of a few papers everything was from scraps and old stash...oops i guess i failed when i bought the card kit!  my greater discovery!!! it is very challenging to photograph glittered objects, any hints?


  1. Helen, I love birds and where I live is a sign that reads Bird Sanctuary. I get lots of different birds. Your cards are so beautiful and yes, it's hard to catch the bling on camera. I try to tilt the card a bit and set my camera on Macro, half click until I see the bling shining and then shoot. I do this many times so when I go to edit I have a few to choose from, and whatever blings the most wins, lol. I hope it helps you.

  2. Wowee! SCORE! Isn' it fun to find a bargain! LOVE your bird cards. xxD