Sunday, February 28, 2010

cute and some has given me an award!

audrey frelx at cute and some has given me an award! 
she is a very energetic and giving person, you must check her blog,  several of her creations have been featured on Craft Crave at
The rules are to give thanks to and link to the person who sent you this award; list 7 things about yourself; and pass it on to 15 bloggers/followers.
7 things about myself

1  love to laugh and have a good cry
2  love old black and white movies including the "b" movies
3  can not cook 
4  want to get better at using my digital camera
5  like quiet, alone time
6  treasure the times with my son
7 eager to learn something new each day  

passing it on to 15 beautiful blogger/followers who inspire me, who challenge me, who provide technical knowledge, who surprise me with their comments and awards, who...well the list goes on and on!!! 

in no particular order...
christine of four bears who has no blog but is a wonderful friend and follower!
marilyn who has no blog but is a wonderful friend and lurker!
drew who has no idea what a blog does but is a wonderful lawful spouse and encourages my creativity!
scamp who hears the word blog! blog! blog! and still sits amid the glitter!
jessica who doesn't want to know what a blog is but is a artful soul!
there are so many i would like to include for all the above reasons so... as audrey suggested if you'd like to have it, you can grab it and pass the love around!


  1. Helen, thanks so much for the Beautiful Blog Award. It touches my heart, it really does. I will post it tomorrow because now I have to have to make a list of 14 things about me (things that I can share, lol)since my other dear friend Audrey gave me an award too.
    I also wanted to take the time to say Thanks for the help on keeping my post up, I will try that tomorrow as well. Good Luck with the Cookbook giveaway and know I can always take pictures or make copies and send them to you. I still have to pick a date for the candy.

  2. I'm honoured! Thank you for the great award! Love the new design for your blog - very Irish! Glitter birds are fabulous. I especially like the chickadee. 7 things about me: I cherish the time I have with my good friends; love volleyball; love to laugh; can't wait to get going across Canada with the boys; live for hugs and kissesxoxoxo; wish I had more time in my space; I'm MOM!

  3. Thank you so so much. So sweet of you!

  4. Thank you for the award. I am honored that you chose me.