Monday, February 22, 2010

on my dashboard

while checking my dashboard for recent posts of the blogs i follow, i saw that Flowerdisco's Scraphut had created a gorgeous purple flower from tissue paper and i wanted to learn about  the details.  after reading the deceptively simple instructions, i continued to view older posts as i had not looked for a few days. i then discovered that Flowerdisco had received a Sunshine Award and i was about to post a comment to her blog congratulating her for the deserved award when i saw that...she had awarded me a Sunshine Award for following her blog!!!

i am honoured and thankful, Flowerdisco is a genuine person and i am inspired by her work and encouraged by her comments to my blog!  i love the series of cards she is creating from each of the cards from the wild card cartridge.  while at the same time, posting projects created from other cartridges or utilizing various other papercrafting techniques...oh and don't let me forget to mention about the posts regarding  the continuing saga of Lulu, her fur baby!!!  that is how we made our first connection, Flowerdisco wanted to adopt my fur baby, Scamp!!!

thanks to Flowerdisco who true to her generous nature, thoughtfully awarded me this Sunshine Award.
now, the rules for the award are as follows:
-- i must pass this on to 6 of my followers asking them to put the logo on their blog or within a post.
--link the nominees within my post.
--let my followers know that i am giving them this award by commenting on their blog
--share the love and link to the person from whom i received this award.

i will be back with my six after i have commented to their blogs.

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  1. Thanks Helen for all the love, you deserve this award and many other because I think of you as a very genuine individual and friend too.
    Any questions about that flower just let me know. I am very a very bad teacher, I know that. And I still afraid of the camcorder :( to do the videos. Grr not too many things intimidate me but the videos still make me a bit nervous :).