Saturday, January 16, 2010

Susie & Vikki's Christmas Club

Susie & Vikki's Christmas Club

"We found it hard to make all our Christmas cards/projects on time last year so we both vowed to make a card or project a week through out 2010 and thought you might like to join us in the way of a weekly challenge. This way when it gets round to Christmas we will be prepared and have more time to enjoy the pre Christmas fun instead of rushing to make all the cards we need

We have done this to give you an incentive to get ahead with your Christmas cards/projects and join in the weekly fun."

christmasclub challenge-1-snow
here's my entry using scraps of christmas papers as that is a goal for myself...i have also added a cuttlebug embossed snowflake that reads "cool". i think this card could also be used for a winter time birthday of which i have many to create.
i hope to keep up to this challenge of creating at least one Christmas item each week!  i imagine when the temperatures are blazing in the summer, this may be a refreshing break.
think snow!


  1. Helen this is quite unique I love it.
    Thanks for joining in this weeks Susie & Vikki's Christmas club challenge
    Love Susie xx

  2. Helen, your card is so nice. I really like that embossed circle. I do not own many and the ones I have I forget to use them. Your idea for Christmas is excellent. I might have to give it a thought too but I do not have enough time and do not want to look bad.
    Talk to you later.

  3. Helen, very nice!

    I'll be seeing yu!