Monday, April 5, 2010

look what i won from cute and some!

i won a flag book!!!  it arrived on thursday but i have been out of town visiting my mom and brothers for easter.  i have used the photo that audrey from cute and some had posted of her flag book because my batteries are not working :(  i intend to use the flag book to make a small scrap book of scamp, my fur baby or if the truth be told, the fur baby that lives in the house as her loyalities are for the person with food or the most comfortable bed!  audrey also included matching papers that i will create embellishments with and there were rub ons with small scale designs suitable for a small book!  when i get batteries for the camera and get the printer issues resolved to print scamp photos for the album, i will post my finished project. thanks audrey!


  1. congratulations again and i know the truth about those loyalties too, lol. have fun w your new book.

  2. Hi, my friend!!! Thanks for visiting and your concern over my hand. Of course I'm still waiting on the antibiotics to work on the infection, but the pain pills which I just had to break down and take seem to be working; at least, I'm comfortable -- no pain, no throbbing right now. Still trying to craft tho. Slow progress but I'll get there! LOL!!! Glad you got your book, hope you enjoy decoring it!!!

    Forgot to ask earlier, did you see my comment about the Contributors Showcase a while ago? I left a message asking for an email. I wanted you to be a team fairy; I still do! It's up to you! Just so you know it's open to you.