Tuesday, August 31, 2010

and the bees

i laughed on sunday when i read flowerdisco's post to my blog saying i have been "busy as a bee", i turned to my dh and said "how does she know i am making this card".

the colour combo i love, i had it as my bedroom decor as a young adult.  the paper with the bees and the hives reminded me of this beautiful bee from home decor and this stamp i was eager to try.  the paper is glossy so when i did the heat embossing at the last moment, the heat gun nozzle hit the paper and smeared the embossing so... i made the bee bigger than originally planned as i did not want to waste the paper.  i cuttlebugged the bee both layers with the swiss dots folder as this card was made for the store manager at michaels.

long story short, i was embossing the snowflake for the "packing tape" technique and something did not feel right...you know, you can feel it. yupe, cuttlebug broken, me sad, call to store, bring it in if no exact replacement, would give me 20% off the model they do have.  i needed this replaced, it is my favourite tool for card making.  saw the manager, saw they had the exact model, sad to see broken one hit the bin but was almost speechless and excited like a child on christmas morning when i walked out with the replacement.  priceless!


  1. Oh, Helen, this card is just too adorable!!! Don't you wonder sometimes if Flowerdisco has a sixth sense?!!! LOL!

    Helen, thank you soooo much for your visit and your warm words! That really means a lot to me to know so many people are there for me. Of course, you and Flowerdisco have been there for me almost from the beginning and I will always feel a bond between us. Thank you!

    I am so much enjoying watching all the wonderful cards you've been creating; you were missed for quite some time and it's just so good to come here to see you posting instead of just dropping in to say hello -- LOL!

  2. Such a beautiful card. I love the depth and dimensions of the card. The colors are great. You do great work.

  3. I absolutely love this!!! Such a beautiful creation, TFS!! :)