Tuesday, August 31, 2010

a cherry on top!!!

daily grace creations have graciously passed on this award to my blog!!! i feel so honoured and a little embarassed as so many people post daily and i tend to blog in "fits and starts"*(another curious saying... where am i coming up with these words and phrases i am not even certain about?).

well, i will accept the award with the grace it was given...now the rules are
1.thank the person who sent it to you
my sincerest thanks to peggy and donna, for visiting my blog
and caring enough to look around and comment.

2. copy award to your blog.
in this post and my sidebar

3. List 3 things you love about yourself.

  •  I love the memories of the laughter of my family

  • I love to make papercrafts as an expression of my artistic self

  •  I love that I have support and encouragement from andrew, even if it means checking kijiji for supplies!

4. Post a picture you love.
for many reasons and many memories

5. send the award to 5 blogs you love.

it's a real challenge

please visit these blogs and marvel at the talent and kind hearts that these women incorporate into their creations. the blog world is full of caring and sharing individuals and my list does not reflect all those that give me encouragment, inspiration or technical tutoring but it is a small way to give recognition to others.  please visit, it's worth the effort.

*Noun 1. fits and starts - repeated bursts of activity; "they worked in fits and starts"
burst, fit - a sudden flurry of activity (often for no obvious reason); "a burst of applause"; "a fit of housecleaning"
Based on WordNet 3.0, Farlex clipart collection. © 2003-2008 Princeton University, Farlex Inc.


  1. Thank you so much for the award, you are just too sweet!

  2. Helen, thank you so much for this award. You are all such wonderful friends and I am so grateful to have you!!! I hope I touched you nearly as much I'm touched!

    I'll have to wait to post it after Thursday as I need to get busy with my project for Sassy Lady and I don't even have a clue yet what it will be; but I want to give it the attention it deserves!

    Thanks again!!!

  3. Well, that comment wasn't very clear -- what I meant was give your award to me the attention it deserves. My projects always get my attention! LOL!

  4. Helen, thanks again for passing this award on to me; I posted it today with a BIG thanks!

    Hugs, my friend!

  5. Helen...my dear friend...my sincere apologies for not coming faster to get this award. This old mind of mine tends to forget a lot these days.
    Thank you so much and I will be posting a few award today and I wanted to make sure you know I appreciate you thinking of me and that I like you a lot.
    I love you vintage Christmas snowman. I bet it does have a lot of memories within.