Sunday, August 29, 2010

i was sly like a fox...

when i used design studio to create these shaped cards.  i followed the instructions of susan bluerobot at up until step 19 as i just really wanted to try out this technique.  as i was successful in creating a shaped base card, i went back and cut out the the body detail.  added a polka dot bow to one and a polka dot collar with metal charm on the other.  used wild card to create the complimentary envelopes. 

i often find if i have a created a card and no standardized envelope will work, wild card will have some shape that will fit most anything.


  1. Busy Bee, uh?

    I am glad you finally have time to play.

    Lovely cards!

  2. fantastic card glad the lesson was help

  3. Great job, Helen!!! It's wonderful to see you so busy posting, my friend!