Monday, April 19, 2010

contributors showcase #3

Monday, April 19 is the beginning of registration for Contributors Showcase #3. We would really love to showcase and reward your talent, so if you have a new craft (even one prepared for another challenge/contest) why not register it in the showcases too! We are also working on some exciting new things to introduce into the showcases in the near future; however, this will only be possible if we can get enough contributors.

We believe your projects are very special, that you are very talented, and would love to present your creations to as many viewers as possible. We believe you can inspire and motivate others through your talent, so we're challenging you to show your crafts in our showcases! at cute and some, see link in my sidebar!!


  1. Thanks, fairy-sister!!

    Hi, everyoe! I'm Audrey of Cute and Some. I second the motion, and challenge you to let us showcase you're projects and share your talents!!!

    All the good fairies are waiting for you!

  2. me too!

    hi the end of this week i will have a few more silver threads, hehehe.

  3. hi, Helen. I just stopped to say hi. I'm on my way to visit some of your friends!!!