Sunday, April 18, 2010

elephant card

this thank you card was created for a co-worker who wanted a quirky card for a friend who loves elephants. i went into design studio (ds) to determine if i had a cart with an elephant and while ds did display carts with an elephant image, i did not have any of the carts on the list!  somewhere in my overdraft memory (lol!) bank, i thought i had a elephant image so i just kept clicking on the carts i had that may have the image and when i clicked on everyday paperdolls i did not immediately find the elephant but i knew i was in the right cart because surprisingly, it has many animals including lion, giraffe, monkey, ostrich and more! what a bonus! 

i don't know if i hit the quirky factor as i originally wanted to cut the elephant out of an animal print paper...i have giraffe, tiger, leopard and more but with that overdraft memory bank!  i couldn't remember where i put those papers.  perhaps i should revisit how i organize...?  the shell buttons under the word "thanks" is a coverup for a smudge i made with my inky fingers, oops.  


  1. well helen, i think your elephant is the most beautiful elephant i have seen lately. i love the paper you used and i like the background paper too. and i am not just saying it, i mean it. xoxo

    oh! btw, my son ranked my blog button: novice. lol

  2. I love it! The papers and colors are quirky and keeps it from being cutesy. The buttons are a great touch. (Aren't you glad when that hapens? LOL) The search feature in DS is practically worthless. A whole bunch of carts from last year weren't included so you never know what you'll get Sooo frustrating! Glad you found the elephant. xxD P.S. I got a kick out of your comment on my creepy baby face card. I did warn DH about the stamp. LOL He just shuddered.

  3. Helen, that elephant is great!!! It doesn't look all cartoony, it looks real. And the paper you used for him couldn't have been more perfect! Great card, you're co-worker will be pleased!

  4. What a unique card. I love it!

  5. This is a great card. I love all the colors you used - they look great together!

  6. I loved Design Studio if for anything else to locate a particular cut, but now it doesn't seem to categorize ... someone told me they "weren't doing that anymore". Anyway I love your elephant card. The paper is awesome and I really love that background too. Thanks for stopping by my blog to say hello. PS, the white dots are from white acrylic paint and my stylus. I find the paint gives a much better detail than one of those testy white gel pens.